Where Black mental healthcare and cultural humility converge.

The Kansas City Black Mental Health Initiative’s mission is to acknowledge and work diligently to support and strengthen the Black community. We do this by expanding awareness, representation, and destigmatization of Black mental health within the Kansas City metro area.

Our Vision

In order to properly destigmatize and provide awareness to Black Mental Wellness, we must diversify the field of mental Wellness with those who represent the community and provide them access to serving their Black community.

Our Impact

We believe that restoring the prioritization of mental wellness in the Black community not simply a matter of access to “safe” mental health care, but that of access to empathetic care that comes from Black mental health practitioners who understand not only the needs of a patient, but also the social/cultural factors that interact with cultural attitudes.

Get Involved

Whether you would like to get involved through volunteering, providing services, funding, or just want to stay informed, please let us know and we will keep you up-to-date. Your support helps individuals, couples and families in need receive sound, culturally competent mental health services.